Keep your Toyota a Toyota


If you are in doubt about how much life is left in your battery, our certified Toyota Service professionals at Centennial Toyota in Las Vegas are here to help. We can quickly troubleshoot and identify if your battery has fallen below factory recommended specifications. Our service professionals can install a Genuine Toyota TrueStart™ or True-2™ battery specifically designed for your vehicle.

About Toyota TrueStart™

TrueStart™ and True-2™ batteries provide superior performance with the right combination of cold cranking amps (CCA) to the optimal reserve capacity (RC) for all year round reliability.

When should I replace my battery?

Battery life depends on many variables including individual driving habits, climate, terrain, altitude and more. Centennial Toyota has factory trained technicians and one of the most sophisticated battery testing tools available to determine the health of your battery and prevent no-start situations. You can rest assured that you will only get the service you need to keep your vehicle performing like new. We'll quickly assess your battery and discover any issues that you may need to take care of today.


Brakes keep you safe! In order to go places with your new or certified pre-owed Toyota you need to be able to stop safely. That means regularly checking your brake pads and rotors for wear. You can schedule a service appointment for a full vehicle inspection or simply to check your brakes at the Centennial Toyota Service Center.

Your Toyota performs best when using Genuine Toyota Parts. Toyota brake parts ar specially engineered to provide superior performance, smoother stopping, and longer life, while producing less brake dust and a quitter ride.


To keep your new or certified pre-owned Toyota at peak performance, regularly checking and replacing your oil is a must. Regular maintenance and oil changes provide protection for your vehicle and your family.

The certified technicians at Centennial Toyota in Las Vegas use only genuine Toyota parts and fluids when we perform any type of maintenance. For oil changes, we use Genuine Toyota Motor Oil and Genuine Toyota Oil Filters that are specially formulated to keep your Toyota running at peak performance.

Do I Have An Oil Problem?

Did your Low Oil Pressure / Oil Level Light Come On?

Low oil pressure or oil levels can become very serious problems if not addressed immediately. Engine oil lubricates all the metal engine parts moving in unison within your engine, without it these metal parts can overheat, melt, or cause irreversible damage if not treated properly. If your oil light is on, schedule a service appointment at Centennial Toyota.

Are there oil stains under your car?

If you see oil stains on your garage floor or driveway, you may have a leak. Leaks are caused as primarily by vehicles aging and rubber gaskets and seals breaking down under high internal engine pressure. Common areas are Valve Cover Gasket(s), Oil Pan Gasket, or even the Oil Pan Drain Plug (or "Oil Plug"). If you have an oil leak, schedule a service appointment at Centennial Toyota

Synthetic Oil vs. Conventional Oil

Synthetic oil is not only refined but also distilled, purified and broken down into its basic molecules. This process not only removes more impurities from the crude oil but also enables individual molecules in the oil to be tailored to the demands of modern engines. These customized molecules provide higher levels of protection and performance than conventional oils. But the synthetic base oil is only half the story. The correct blend additives must go into the mix to create the oil.

Fuel Economy

Synthetic oils or synthetic blends will improve performance and avoid costly repairs but can also improve your Toyota’s fuel economy by up to ½ mile per gallon of fuel.

Cost Effectiveness

While synthetic oils cost more to replace, they also last longer. Conventional oil is recommended to be replaced every 3000 miles, some synthetic oils do not need to be replaced for up to 10,000 miles.

Keep your engine cleaner

As oil circulates through your engine it can pick up deposits. Over time, conventional oils can sometimes form sludge, which can reduce your engine's efficiency and, ultimately, reduce the life of your engine. Mobil 1 motor oils contain fewer impurities compared to conventional motor oils and can better resist the formation of sludge thereby preventing deposits from forming in your engine.

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