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2013 Toyota Corolla
I just want to say how happy my husband and I were when we came to your car lot to look for a car to possibly purchase. What had started out as a what we were calling a "fun, adventure" soon turned so unpleasant as well as disappointing UNTIL we went to Centennial! -We actually walked off a couple lots due to treatment by the salesmen and the policies they were implementing to get us to buy a car from them.- Everyone, and I mean everyone we had any interaction with, including Manny, Randy and Silvino, were absolutely wonderful!!! As I said before and will say again~If the car is that great it should sell itself and Toyota does!!! We have repeatedly since purchasing this Corolla highly recommended your car lot and told them of course about Manny! Thank you again for being so great and treating us like we were and are valued!
Jan 18 2018
Reviewed by Las Vegas, NV
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