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New Toyota Technology at the International Consumer Electronics Show

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New Toyota Technology at the International Consumer Electronics Show
Published January 11, 2016

This weeks International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) people got a first hand look at the future of cars and technology in general. Toyota is showcasing a host of automated, connected and zero-emission technologies at CES 2016, giving conference-goers a window into a world where vehicles can not only take care of themselves; they also take care of you.

“At Toyota, we see the vehicle of the future as more than just a mode of transportation,” said Bob Carter, senior vice president of automotive operations for Toyota Motor Sales (TMS), U.S.A. Inc. “Instead, it will be something more useful, accessible and exciting than ever before. These next generation connected and automated vehicles will optimize their own operational capabilities and deliver comfort, convenience and joy to passengers – and they’ll be arriving sooner than you think.”

Toyota’s exhibit, located in the North Hall of the Las Vegas Convention Center, builds on major announcements from the company in the lead up to CES and showcases both the company’s vision for connected vehicles and the potential of artificial intelligence to improve driving safety.

Toyota displayed tons of great new technologies at CES this year. The TOYOTA Smart Center, the heart of Toyota’s vision for a Smart Mobility Society that connects people, vehicles and communities. The powerful, secure and private cloud-based computing system collects secure vehicle data, analyzes information from millions of vehicles around the globe and provides customers with personalized services that make life easier. They also showed off new tech called Agent+. Agent+ leverages multiple factors including day, time, location and driving history to predict likely destinations and help guide you there quickly and efficiently.

Toyota is also making a push on automated driving for the future of vehicles. This is shown off with the Mobility Teammate Concept. The vehicle showcases Toyota’s approach to automated driving – building relationships between people and cars to help them team up in pursuit of safe and enjoyable driving. Their automated driving system also pushes for artificial intelligence. A deep learning and artificial intelligence display, where scale model Prius connected vehicles learn from and share with each other in real time to create a safe driving environment. While many of the vehicles and technologies on display at the Toyota exhibit are future concepts, some – like telematics systems such as Agent+, may be coming soon to Toyota vehicles.

Stop in today to Centennial Toyota and take a look at all the great technology that Toyota already has in their vehicles.
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